Crafting cocktails, innovating dishes and combing beaches since 1929

Important News Update! 

Hello Everyone,

We've been here for 14 years so far! For the past five years, the Beachcomber has remained open year-round!

It’s been so amazing getting to know so many of you personally in the slower season. We treasure the relationships we’ve built and appreciate beyond words those of you who come in every week regardless of weather and enjoy to the ambiance and great food.

After careful consideration, we have decided to close a bit longer than the normal few weeks over the holidays, beginning December 17th until March. The exact date of our reopening will be determined soon.

WE WILL CONTINUE TO HOST OUR SPECIAL EVENTS AND CATERING YEAR ROUND! Call, email, or visit our website for inquiries.

While this choice wasn’t easy, we’re excited to use the time to make some continual improvements to the property and prepare for the spring and summer months!

Save all Royalty Rewards coupons you receive during our break - we will honor them when we reopen in the spring! If you have any coming soon, they will be mailed in March.  

Please save the dates for our upcoming events:
January 26th - Winterfest & Soup Challenge
February 14th - Valentine's Day Dinner
March 16th - St. Patrick's Day Party

The Beachcomber is a time honored tradition of Conesus Lake, and has been for just about 90 years. This has created generations of phenomenal memories! We are so grateful for your continuous support in making the Beachcomber the special place that it is, a tradition we plan to continue for many years to come.

Until then, we’re open Wednesday - Sunday through December 16th, with delicious and awesome specials each night. The restaurant is fully decked out for the holiday season so please make reservations and continue to make the Beachcomber your beach within reach!

As always, for questions and reservations, give us a call at (585) 243-3640 or email


5909 West Lake Road
Conesus Lake, NY 14435



We are currently closed for the off-season for renovations and staff family time! Head to our special events page for information on events we're hosting in the meantime. 

We host parties and cater YEAR ROUND! Call or email for more information.